Class: Spiritual Healing Principles of the indigenous Andean Cosmovision

Every first Wednesday at 10:00am to noon

Open to all, classes about the principles that guide traditional local yachaks (shamans) in their cleansing, healing and ceremonial practices are held the first Wednesday of each month between 10:00 a.m. and noon at Ananda Cotacachi Centro Holistico. Classes are taught by Maria Juana Morales and Apak Perugachi with English interpretation. Topics will vary monthly, but include discussions of the powerful spiritual energies of the sun, moon, wind, water, earth, fire, mountains and lakes, as well as how attributions of gender, temperature and spirits attached to animate and inanimate objects affect our health and wellness.

Spiritual Cleansing Ceremonies

Yachak Mama Juana performs blessings and gentle limpiezas (personal spiritual cleansing and healing ceremonies) at Ananda Cotacachi Centro Holistico, as well as wasipichays (spiritual cleansings of buildings) at other sites in the Cotacachi area. Local indigenous yachaks like Mama Juana perform ceremonies that resonate with the spiritual principles of the Andean cosmovision of the Kichwa runa, with great reverence for the divinity of nature and the balancing of spiritual energies affecting emotional and physical well-being. Mama Juana is available for spiritual cleansing and healing ceremonies most Tuesdays and Fridays at Ananda by appointment only.

Maria Juana Morales (Mama Juana)

Mama Juana is a Cotacachi-based yachak. The literal translation of the Kichwa word “yachak” is “one who has knowledge.” It is a title bestowed by an indigenous community on special individuals they recognize as having the wisdom, knowledge and training required to spiritually cleanse, heal, bless, guide and protect others.

Mama Juana also is a well-respected teacher and leader in her indigenous community of Morales Chupa,,as well as UNORCAC (Union of Peasant and Indigenous Organizations of Cotacachi) and Wanlla Pillpintu.

Photo: Yachak Maria Juana Morales

Apak Perugachi

Apak Perugachi is a cultural activist, author and lecturer on historical and modern-day spiritual beliefs and traditions rooted in the ancient Andean cosmovision. He also is a Tinkunakuy-certified Kichwa language teacher and member of regional and international organizations dedicated to the revitalization of indigenous Kichwa culture and language.

He is a well-respected teacher and leader in his indigenous community of Morales Chupa as well as the Imbabura province. In addition to teaching, Apak assists his aunt Mama Juana in traditional ceremonies.

Photo: Apak Perugachi

Urku Yacharik (Deborah May)

Cultural Liaison Urku Yacharik (Deborah May) is a retired educator from New York who lives at Wanlla Pillpintu as a member of the community. She often serves as coordinator and Kichwa-Spanish-English interpreter for Wanlla Pillpintu classes and events attended by English-only speakers.

People who wish to schedule ceremonies with yachak Mama Juana or who wish to reserve seats for the Wednesday morning class should contact Urku (Deborah) directly: or call: 098 363 0863

Photo: Urku Yacharik